28 Mar

Columbia Coast Wildflower Hikes 2008

Yes, it’s still snowing, but spring is coming. Being optimistic, I do think the snow will end, sometime. When we have cold late springs, high elevation sites have delayed and compressed flowering. One summer in the mid 1990s, I hiked Saddle Mtn in June, to find that a cold spring had delayed typical May flowers. So the late June hike was spectacular for its diversity. Something similar might happen this year, if the road to the mountain is open by then. And if the trail is open. Note the word ‘if.’

Last winter brought a complication that is a bit above the norm: several trails we usually hike by April are still blocked by downed trees. As of late March, I do not know when the Saddle Mtn access road and trail, or Canyon Creek trail at Ft Columbia St Park, will be open. So, aiming for flexibility, we’ll plan to adjust plans as dates approach for each hike. This means that to start, we will use low elevation, easily accessed trails. In some cases we may end up backtracking due to downed trees, and only hiking part of the planned routes.

If access is blocked the day of the hike, I will propose alternative trails. I’ll confirm road/trail access about 7-10 days ahead of each date.

Kathleen Sayce

Hike Schedule:  hikes-2008.pdf