Featured Listings

Take advantage of the excellent opportunity to drive qualified  traffic to your site!

We are again offering Featured Listings on lodging and restaurant pages. Featured Listings are in a highlighted area above the regular listings and rotate randomly every 4 hours with other featured businesses.  Here is a screen shot:

Featured listings averaged eight times the click-through rate of regular listings on the same page during our pilot project.

Featured Listing Currently available to lodging and restaurant members; features your business at the top of the page Hotel/Motel/Cottage $1300
Vacation Rentals $620
RV Parks $350
B&Bs $200
Restaurants $500
No see in action

But Wait! There’s More!

Service Description Ala Carte
More Info
Link Anywhere your business name shows on funbeach.com becomes a link to your website FREE see in action
more info
Enhanced Listing
Adds a photo and extends your text to 500 characters $200. see in action
more info
-Non-Lodging $150. see in action
more info
(4 per year)
Adds a coupon icon to your listing and coupon(s) to our specials page, with your logo or image $10 per year

Ready to sign up?

Contact Jane (jane@funbeach.com, 360.642.2400) for more information and to get started.