QR Codes: Getting Started

To scan QR codes, your smart phone must be able to take a photo and to connect to the internet (iPhone, Blackberry, most newer cell phones).  You’ll need QR code-reading software; you can download a program that will work on your particular phone at http://m.funbeach.com/reader.  Click on the link for your phone manufacturer and then pick your phone model out of the list. You will be given a list of compatible readers for your mobile device.

Download the software and follow the installation instructions, which are very simple.  Once you’ve chosen a reader and installed it try scanning a QR code. You will need to have the whole code visible on your screen. It will work best if you hold the phone’s camera 6″ to 1′ away from the code.

It might take a couple of tries at first to get the hang of it but soon you will be on your way.  Here’s a code to get you started:

Scan this QR code!

Local Resources:

  • QRABLE.COM – Ilwaco-based QR expert Rick Schimelpfenig can help you create a code with the proper amount of error correction built-in, given how the code will be used.  He also builds mobile websites.
  • BEACHDOG.COM – Our Long Beach-based funbeach.com webmasters build websites which can be read by desktop machines and cell phones alike.  They can also help you out with putting codes on brochures, signs and the like.
  • LONG BEACH SHEET METAL – This Long Beach, WA shop has a lot of experience cutting codes from vinyl for signs, autos, windows and more.

Learn more about QR Codes:

Create your own QR Code: